Delicious Sessions



With strong melodic songs taken from her real life experiences...

...singer-songwriter Becky Jerams' latest EP "Delicious Sessions" is a stripped down and reflective collection reminiscent of her breathtaking live gig performances.

The new acoustic EP "Delicious Sessions"... a collection of four tracks written by Becky Jerams and recorded live in the London-based Delicious Digital studios. With strong melodic songs taken from Becky's real life experiences, the recordings are completely stripped down and reflective of her live gig performances.

The tracks feature guitar/ukulele from folk and shanty singer/songwriter Chris Ricketts, and piano/guitar from accomplished musician Matt Blackwell. Violin has also been provided on two tracks by songwriter and string arranger Ellie Wyatt whose recent projects include working with Caro Emerald and Nick Cave.

After many years of writing commercial pop music...

...Becky has gone back to her musical roots with this recording session, taking influence from artists such as Tori Amos and Ingrid Michaelson. With only very minor production by Ed Moris, "Delicious Sessions" leaves nothing to hide behind and gives Becky and her friends the chance to show their skills to their audience in their most natural form.

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